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We love meeting professionals! Whether your job title is Meeting Planner, or planning meetings is one of the many hats you wear, our aim is make you look great in the eyes of your audience.

“As the Programs Chair for the conference, I had a lot riding on the quality of the speakers retained for our event. In your case, we especially had “bet the farm”, as we geared our conference theme on your presentation. You made us look brilliant!”

Bosco Baldwin, SPHR
Alaska State Society for Human Resource Management

As speakers and trainers we’ve been in front of a lot of audiences. Small ones, large ones, friendly one, and a few hostile ones, too. But none as important as YOURS!

Face it, hiring a speaker or presenter is risky business. There are a world of things you can (and probably should) worry about, like…do they know what they’re talking about… will they relate to my audience… will they even show up (preferably on time and sober)… will my audience hear something that’s relevant to them, or will it be this guy’s boilerplate leftovers… are they worth the money… will they make me look good, or bad? The list goes on. We know, because we’ve hired a few speakers over the years, and worried about the very same things.

Each of us is alive today (literally) because we’ve consciously chosen to work with people who are consummate professionals. People who neither accept excuses nor offer them. They don’t have to. You never have to wonder if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. You are entitled to nothing less, and here are three areas where we make good on that claim.

From the start, you’ll find us pleasant and professional to do business with. Whether you contact us by phone or email, your inquiry will be responded to promptly and professionally (when and how you want.)

To us, being professional means, among other things, doing your homework… each time, every time. We invest the time and energy to learn enough about your group or audience to make our presentation truly relevant to them. Most people seem to appreciate that. While you may be able to hire speakers with a bigger name, it’s doubtful you’ll hire anybody who is better prepared.

Following are links to pages designed to be helpful to meeting professionals who are thinking about hiring us.

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