by Bill, Leadership

On Broken Glass, Apologies, and Obamacare

0 Comments 15 November 2013

When I was fourteen, I took over a friend’s paper route for the summer. I don’t quite remember how that came to pass (I doubt that I was jumping for joy at the notion of getting up every morning at 4AM), but here’s something I do remember from that experience.      One of my ‘customers’ […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Management, Motivation

Sometimes It IS About the Money

0 Comments 22 October 2013

Few issues in the domain of business are thornier, more complex, and emotion-packed than that of how much money to pay someone for the work they do. Employee compensation thrusts its tendrils into considerations no less substantial than motivation, employment law, labor unions, production, and the very profitability of the enterprise. Oh, yeah. That. Corresponding […]

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by Bill, Management, Think About It...

12 Take-Aways From the Forbes Healthcare Summit 2013

0 Comments 12 October 2013

      I was fortunate this week to participate in the Forbes Healthcare Summit 2013 in New York City. Following are some of my take-aways from the event:     1. Strong signs of general acceptance throughout the room that ACA is here, and that we may as well accept it and look for […]

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by Richard, Management

Why Contingent Telecommuting is a Good Idea

0 Comments 08 October 2013

Telecommuting isn’t for everyone. It may, however, be the best way to get to work for thousands of workers where I live,  Jacksonville, Florida, for at least the next month or so. On Thursday, September 26, a retractable (but unretracted) crane atop the USNS 1st LT Harry L. Martin slammed into the deck of the 60-year-old […]

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by Bill, Management

Discretionary Effort Is a Big, Dot Deal

1 Comment 29 August 2013

Since commencing research on what ultimately became our first book, I have taken a rather steely-eyed approach to the subject of employee relations. A data-driven sort, I suspect that, had that research not produced clear linkage between worker attitudes and corporate performance, I would have found something very different to do for a living. But […]

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Guest Post, Management

Managing Expectations: Under Promise and Over Deliver

1 Comment 16 August 2013

Guest Post by Robert Cordray There’s an old expression, “He who expects little is seldom disappointed.” That’s not a great catchphrase for the customer service department, but it does bring up the topic of managing the expectations of customers and others by “under promising and over delivering”. The premise is simple. Don’t make overblown claims […]

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Guest Post, Leadership

How to Gain the Leadership Experience Employers Want

0 Comments 05 August 2013

Although most of the posts on this blog are original, every now and then we like to feature articles we think would be helpful to you, our readers. We recently read one such article, and wanted to share it with you. It’s a great read on how younger professionals can gain the leadership experience so […]

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by Richard, Leadership, Think About It...

What Do You Think of Your Boss?

0 Comments 30 July 2013

In January of this year, we conducted a survey to determine people’s thoughts, attitudes, and feelings toward their bosses. Those who subscribed to our free monthly “Fresh Milk” newsletter were invited to take the survey. That particular issue was received by about 3,700 subscribers, and 183 responded by participating in the survey, over a two-week […]

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by Richard, Favorite Folks, Leadership

Hans Tanzler: A Born Leader

1 Comment 25 July 2013

We’re often asked, “Can leadership be learned? Or is it hardwired at birth?” Our answer: Yes. We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if we didn’t really believe that leadership skills and behaviors can be taught and learned. We’ve seen proof positive of it. But, like you, we’ve also known people who just seemed to […]

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by Richard, Leadership, Meeting Goals

Goal Sharing Leads to Goal Reaching

0 Comments 22 July 2013

I’m a big proponent of personal growth. But when, a few months ago, my own person had grown too much, I decided to drop about 12-15 pounds, or about a stone in my wife’s British parlance. I knew that I felt, and functioned, better at 195 pounds, and so I picked that number as my […]

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