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Metrics and Managing – Be Careful What and How You Measure

0 Comments 08 July 2014

One of the time honored, oft repeated (sometimes mindlessly) management mantras is, “What gets measured gets done.” It seems harmless enough on the surface, right? After all, if you visibly go to the trouble of measuring or inspecting a particular method or outcome, the very act of doing so suggests to onlookers that it’s important […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Leadership, Management

Three Things That Will Improve Employee Engagement

0 Comments 03 July 2014

Recently I read a piece in the e-version of a major business publication which, by title and implication suggested that seventy percent of Americans hate their work. The piece used as its factual anchor the oft-quoted “State of the American Workplace Report” by Gallup, which suggests that only about 30% of American workers are truly […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Leadership

What Are YOU Expecting?

2 Comments 09 June 2014

Before the World Cup soccer games even start, U.S. men’s head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann has apparently relegated his team to loser status, in what has been termed a “brutally honest and realistic assessment of their chances.” According to Coach Klinsmann, “We cannot win the World Cup because we are not at that level yet.” Really? […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Leadership, Management

Shoot. Move. Communicate. Management Lesson from the New York Times

0 Comments 19 May 2014

Beginning in boot camp, the Army embeds a short, three word mantra in its soldiers: Shoot. Move. Communicate. Within the confines of both military (absolutely), and business settings (metaphorically), that precept makes impeccably good sense. Get some licks in on the enemy or competition, defend yourself while maintaining the element of surprise, and let your […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Leadership, Management

Leaders Need to Be In the Moment

2 Comments 06 April 2014

In the last month I have had fairly strong conversations with three coaching clients about their growing tendency to “multi-task” while in meetings, including one on ones with team members or other business partners. Specifically, I’m referring to the tendency to allow an e-device (phone, tablet, or monitor) to occupy a seat at the table […]

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by Bill, Management

Be As Judicious About Adding Headcount at Work as You Are at Home

0 Comments 27 March 2014

By many measures, the U.S. economy is in spring-like mode, pushing up new green shoots and showing greater signs of vitality. Consumer confidence is up. Ditto for hotel occupancies and rates, manufacturing output (yes, we still make stuff here, e.g.,, and corporate profits. Have you noticed the stock market? And, dare I say, hiring […]

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by Bill, by Richard, Leadership, Management

Three Things You Can Do to Help Your Team Perform Like a Champion

0 Comments 24 March 2014

As an executive coach, part of my job is to help clients learn from and avoid getting their own version of some of the scars on my back. One of those scars came at an early age. As a young, 20-something leader I did my best to ensure that my team had its share of […]

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by Bill, Leadership, Management

Bad Apples

0 Comments 03 March 2014

Recently, in preparation for a long, 1200-mile road trip (nasty winter weather coupled with living in a high airfare market causes one to do things like that), I shopped for juice, fruit, and bottled water to take along as car snacks. While picking through the bin of Honeycrisp apples, I couldn’t help but notice that […]

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by Richard, Leadership

Customer Indifference is a Real Biz Kill

0 Comments 27 February 2014

What’s more toxic than incompetence? Deadlier than old technology? More surely fatal than being slow to market? It’s the remarkable indifference to customers that we all still see from some service providers, those who were nodding off during the part where the rest of us learned that that just won’t cut it anymore. Remember Eastern […]

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by Richard, Leadership, Motivation

Are the Generations Really All That Different?

1 Comment 23 January 2014

Don’t look now, but next year, Generation X turns 50.   You may need a moment to process that. But it’s true. Following immediately on the heels of the boomers (those of us born between 1946 and 1964), the eldest members of the first alphabetically labeled generation are already receiving mailbox stuffing solicitations from the […]

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