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Executive Coaching

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Unlike speaking or training, where the message is more group-directed, we also work one-on-one in an intensely personal way with the “names on the back of the jersey.”

Leveraging our strength in leadership development, and backgrounds as seasoned executives, we work with willing executives and sponsoring organizations to accelerate the development of leadership capacity, and achieve lasting competitive advantage.

Whether corporate sponsored or on a retail (self-referred, self-pay) basis, our coaching engagement typically focus on one of the following targeted outcomes:

1. Preparation for Advancement
2. Achieving Needed Performance/Behavioral Improvement
3. Personal Mastery

Our coaching has enabled clients to:

1. Improve communication and presentation skills
2. Achieve clarity and focus with respect to organizational, career, and life goals
3. Recognize and deal with performance/behavioral “blind spots”
4. Improve leadership effectiveness
5. Achieve career advancement
6. Initiate healthy career change


In addition to coaching assignments involving senior leaders of large, publicly held organizations, we have worked extensively with “high potential” individuals from the lower and middle management ranks. We have also worked with clients in privately held organizations, and individuals aspiring to their first leadership assignment. Recent engagements have involved:

1. A C-level executive of a $300 million commodities business, in strengthening leadership presence and prioritization skills.

2. A 2nd level manager with a Fortune 100 distribution firm in assessing personal goals vis-à-vis those of the organization, and plotting an appropriate career strategy.

3. A ‘high potential 2nd level manager with a $20 billion medical products firm in successfully preparing for promotional opportunity.

4. Operating executives of a privately held financial services firm, neither of whom had received the benefit of prior management training of any sort.


We believe that coaching is a four-phase process involving 1) contracting, 2) assessment, 3) active learning, and 4) follow-up/evaluation phases. Philosophically, we are committed to the following beliefs with respect to coaching:

1. That coaching is an interactive process, not something that “happens to” someone
2. That the beneficiary of coaching has the right to accept or reject coaching, and the ultimate accountability for their choices and performance
3. That coaching is a performance enhancer in most (but not all) situations

* Please contact us discuss your needs.


“I could not have done this prior to our session. How many times have you heard that your teachings are utterly fantastic? Thank you, Bill.”
Mary Beth, VP, Sales