Who We Are

Who We Are

Richard Hadden and Bill Catlette are Employee Engagement and Leadership speakers, coaches, and consultants, and the authors of the critically acclaimed bestselling “Contented Cows” business book series.

What We Do

We develop leaders. period.

Speaking and Training

We do this by delivering high-impact keynotes and training at conventions, conferences, and other meetings where leaders gather to learn.




We provide one-on-one executive coaching to leaders who are serious about improving their leadership results.


Employee Surveys

And we create, conduct, and analyze employee surveys, to help organizations capitalize on their Employee Engagement strengths, and eliminate their weaknesses.

We improve recruiting results, Employee Engagement, and retention.

And we were among the first to establish a clear connection between an organization’s people practices and its profit performance.

Bottom line – we help your organization improve business results through your people practices and culture.

Our Message

Creating a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce is one of the best things any organization can do for its bottom line.

Our Style

Hard-hitting, funny, practical, at times a little outrageous, or in your face. But always professional.

We do our homework, get to know your audience, your industry, and your challenges before we address your group. More than telling you what we think, we’ll tell you what successful organizations have learned and done – That Employee Engagement is not a social or humanitarian issue. It is a business issue.

What We Bring to Your Meeting

Decades of experience leading real people in real companies, in good times and bad.

The cold, hard facts about the ROI from treating employees with dignity, respect, and consideration, while insisting on high standards of performance.

Inspiring examples of companies that know how to do it right…and a few that don’t!

A presence honed from hundreds of keynotes, seminars, and coaching sessions with leaders like yours, that will cause people to sit up and take notice, and do what’s necessary to create a “Contented Cow” organization.