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Peace of mind comes from working with experienced professionals.

Leadership and Employee Engagement Speakers Richard Hadden and Bill Catlette have delivered hundreds of high-impact keynote presentations in more than 15 years of professional speaking. When you ask us to keynote your conference or convention, or deliver leadership training, you can relax – at least when it comes to our part of your meeting – knowing that you’ve hired an experienced professional to speak to your group.

You may have noticed that we’ve accumulated a few gray hairs (just a few), and one of us has more than the other 🙂 . Yet, what’s inside those heads is fresh, renewed daily, and informed by having had the opportunity to accumulate a body of time-tested wisdom that we bring to your event, in a way that people of all generations can relate to and use.

To us, being professional means, among other things, doing your homework… each time, every time. We invest the time and energy to learn about your group or audience so that we can make our presentation truly relevant to them. Most people seem to appreciate that. While you may be able to hire speakers with bigger names (and bigger fees), it’s doubtful you’ll hire anybody who is better prepared.

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