recruiting and retention

Finding and Keeping the Best

a breakout session or seminar on employee recruiting and retention

Practical. Tactical. Do this. Don’t do this. How to find, and keep the talent you need to grow your business.

This seminar can be delivered in-house, or as a breakout session at a conference or convention.


  • Where to look for people with the greatest potential to be happy, productive, and successful working in your organization.
  • What’s more important than skills and experience.
  • How to create and manage an employer brand that captures prospects’ attention (in a good way) before they ever even apply.
  • What the “careers” section of your website MUST do (and probably doesn’t), if you want to attract high-potential candidates.
  • How to (and not to) deploy social media in the quest for talent.
  • How to interview to find the right people.
  • Why your onboarding “program” isn’t helping build commitment in new hires, and how to fix it.

Objective: Learn how to find, recruit, hire, onboard, and keep talented, committed people producing in your organization.

Audience: Organizational leaders, executives, senior staff, managers, supervisors, leaders in development, Human Resource Professionals.