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Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk

The Plain Truth About Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line

By Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden

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It’s no coincidence that the same companies show up every year at the top of esteemed publications’ rankings for “Most Admired,” “Most Innovative,” “Fastest Growing,” and “Highest Shareholder Return.” One thing these persistent winners share in common is a host of leadership habits that make these organizations great places to work, proving that managers can learn a lot from the dairy farmer’s rule of thumb: “Contented cows give better milk.”


Praise for the new Contented Cows:

“Catlette and Hadden have nailed what Southwest knew from the beginning – that if you treat your people right, and focus on your customers, they’ll both help you build a business that blows right past the competition.”

Howard Putnam   HOWARD PUTNAM
Former CEO, Southwest Airlines
Author of The Winds of Turbulence

In this revised and expanded edition of a book that absolutely, positively makes the case that treating people right is one of the best things any business can do for its bottom line, Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk offers sound, practical advice for improving business outcomes through a focused, engaged, capably led workforce. It offers updated case studies and inspiring examples from real organizations that make employee engagement a vital part of their business strategy.

Takeaways include:

*How (and why) to communicate, through word and deed, exactly what your company is all about

*How to hire and retain people with the capacity to be happy, productive, and successful at your organization

*Ways to keep those employees committed to the mission and prevent distractions that sap their energy and enthusiasm

*Why perks, benefits, and amenities don’t tell the whole story of what makes a great workplace

*Why high expectations beget high performance, and much more

Direct from the horse’s, er, cow’s mouth, this new edition of Contented Cows will give you the tools and wisdom you need to foster a fully engaged workforce that helps your company outgrow, out-earn, and outperform the competition.

“Bill and Richard build the business case for doing right by your employees. Faster growth, better stock returns, higher market caps – all the result of caring for employees and regularly communicating their valuable role in achieving organization success.”

Derek Irvine   DEREK IRVINE, VP, Strategy and Consulting, Globoforce
Co-author of Winning with a Culture of Recognition.