It's About How You Make Them Feel

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It's About How You Make Them Feel

In a recent session with a coaching client, I asked her view of the key tenets of leadership. Responding thoughtfully yet crisply, she talked about the importance of the leader first having their own act squared away, of providing a clear sense of purpose and direction, fielding (and keeping) a talented, motivated team, maintaining a trusting environment, sharing information adequately… At he end of the day, she said, “It’s about the mission (how you make it clear, compelling, focus like a laser on it) and the team (how you equip them and make them feel).” Ding!

So, how do you make your team feel? Involved, or mushroomed? Cared about, or neglected? Listened to, or ignored? Valued, or taken for granted? Challenged, or bored silly? An important part of a winning organization, or just a cog in a wheel? And yes, it matters… a lot.

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