Success Lesson From Apple's Leaders

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Success Lesson From Apple's Leaders

by Bill Catlette

4/28/23 • memphis • (2 minutes)

Jason Aten has a piece in the current issue of INC Magazine* profiling one attribute that is instrumental in Tim Cook’s considerable success for the last 12 years at Apple. Whether one is an Apple fanboy/girl, or not (I am), it’s hard not to appreciate the company’s commercial success over the last 47 years.

That attribute, borrowed by Cook from Apple founder, Steve Jobs, is finding the will (and the discipline) to embed creativity throughout the company, rather than silo it in an R&D or marketing discipline. At 39,000′ it sounds simple, but to actually live the premise requires fundamental change in how and whom you hire, how you grant authority/accountability, the metrics you run on, and how you reward people, among other things.

My take-away is that widely spreading the Commitment (capital “C” intentional) to excellence and perpetual renewal enables both personal and brand growth, and the setting of ever higher expectations. Take this thought with you to the beach, mountains, or wherever you vaca this summer, and run it thru the ‘wash’ a couple times.

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