Less Selfies, More Ussies

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Less Selfies, More Ussies

As a leadership coach, I work with managers up and down the ladder, helping them refine and capitalize on their strengths, discover hidden (to them) weaknesses, and rehab or minimize the impact of the latter. In a world that seems bent on becoming more inwardly-focused, where everyone is running for their next gig, one thing that we seem to be spending more time and emphasis on is maintaining steadfast focus on three core aspects of this thing called leadership:

  • Being a leader is not about you. Repeat, it’s not about you. Rather, it’s about them…  the team (the department, company or country), and the mission. 
  • Good leaders are quick to share credit, and to take rightful responsibility when things go wrong. You, your brand, and your rep will be much better burnished by the well-shared accomplishments of your team than by any solo spotlights you put on yourself. Put the selfie-stick away. No, LOSE it!
  • Rather than surrounding yourself with the trappings of power (even the little ones), pay attention instead to making sure, real sure that your team has the support that it needs to succeed – the guidance, tools, training, information, and freedom to do their very best work. Make doubly sure that they know that they have both the right and the responsibility to tell you things that you may not want to hear, but need to know,  and to do it in an unvarnished manner. 

I think you will find that by keeping these simple precepts in mind, your results in your current role, and the path to your next one will both be brighter.

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