Let Her Finish!

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Let Her Finish!

Let Her Finish!

by Bill Catlette

10.08.20 • memphis

Cutting someone off in mid-sentence is not far removed from cutting them off in traffic and forcing hard braking, evasive action, and perhaps hand gestures on their part. Yet, many of us, mostly guys it seems, are too well-practiced at interrupting people, especially women in mid-sentence for the presumed purpose of more readily adding our ‘value’ to the mix.

It was impossible not to notice this occurrence in last night’s vice presidential debate as VP Pence repeatedly interrupted Sen. Harris, causing her to respond more than once with, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.” In fairness, she interrupted him also, but to a much lesser degree.

Suggesting that what we have to say is far more important than the other person is just plain rude, and probably in error. Moreover, it implies that we, not just our words, are a higher order in the scheme of things. Fellas, that’s not a good look. Just don’t. Try listening, really listening to what is being said, as opposed to simply waiting to talk. Let her finish! If you do, you just might learn something and, when your turn comes, you’re likely to have a more interested listener on the other end. Just sayin’.

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