A Helping Hand for Leaders

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A Helping Hand for Leaders

memphis, 04.06.20

Life is coming at us pretty hard and fast right now. It’s an especially lonely time for business leaders, who shoulder responsibility for people, process, resource, results.

When we can least afford it, many are frozen by uncertainty or fear, longing for insight, direction, a candid, knowing shoulder to lean on.

A seasoned coach, I work only with leaders, serving as a can opener for their brain, asking hard questions, the right questions, helping them resolve the way forward, always leveling with them and keeping their best interests in mind. My home fields are in the healthcare, financial services, hospitality & logistics sectors.

Thru June, I’ve reserved 3 hours/week for 1-time private, confidential coaching sessions with mid-level and C-suite leaders with significant people responsibility, and a felt need to revisit their leadership skills, priorities and plans. Two sessions/month will be reserved for recent grads who are entering the workforce in a professional capacity.

The cost to you? Zero, but for your time. Make the appointment, keep the appointment, pay it forward. Interested?

To be sure we’re a match, please send a short email (bill@contentedcows.com), or DM (via LinkedIn) outlining your situation and desired outcome. Then we’ll proceed with scheduling.

In the meantime, let’s all play nice in the sandbox.

Bill Catlette

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