Notorious PSG - Podium Sanitizer Guy Rocks Inauguration Stage

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Notorious PSG - Podium Sanitizer Guy Rocks Inauguration Stage

The inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris produced more than a few goosebump moments for this presidential history buff, not the least of which was Lady Gaga’s high note, when she pointed to the US flag and sang, with emphasizing cadence, “that our flag.was.still.there.”

But the internet is also abuzz this morning with recognition for the unassuming gray-haired gentlemen known at this hour only as “Podium Sanitizer Guy”, and whom I’m calling “Notorious PSG”. Undoubtedly we’ll know his name before the end of the day.

After every speaker departed the podium, Notorious PSG dutifully rid the inaugural lectern of every pathogen he could get his wipe on, a seemingly small act that may, if you think about it, have had an enormous effect on the functioning of the US Government, not to mention the entertainment community, for the foreseeable future.

After one particular cleaning performance – the one just before Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to Joe Biden – the nation’s Top Jurist said a quiet but deliberate “Thank you” to the man with the spray bottle.

Who is your Notorious PSG? And how often, and in what manner, do you say, “Thank you” to them?

Is it the woman or man who literally sanitizes your workspace for you? Keeps your IT network strong and secure so you can work from home effectively? Delivers meals to your house? Risks COVID exposure by administering tests and vaccines for the same? Prints copies? Makes coffee? Sees that your factory is warm or cool enough? Makes you look good in front of your colleagues?

Whoever it is, stop right now and do them the chief justice of just saying “Thank you”. That simple act will, like that of the Notorious PSG on the inauguration podium, not go unnoticed.

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